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Contact Information:

Yvette Claeys

303-450-3941 Ext. 205 (hours available 7:00-11:30)



Class expectations


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Study techniques

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Fluency – Will my child be fluent at the end of 8th or 9th grade?

When learning our first language, we become what we would call fluent at about 5 years old. If you are awake 14 hours a day, 365 days a year, for 5 years, that is over 25,000 hours of listening, speaking, experiencing that language in every imaginable context. Our students get 39 hours a year at best. At the end of their time in our K-8 school, if they are NEVER absent, NEVER have a snow day, NEVER have a field trip or assembly that interrupts Spanish, then they will have 312 hours. That is the rough equivalent of less than a month in their first language. Considering that reality is it not truly astounding what they can say and do in the target language? I am so impressed with my students every day when I think of this.


This is why practice at home can be so beneficial to all students of Spanish.

The lessons we cover (in the form of Power points, flashcards, and on-line games); homework; classwork and stories will be posted on my personal website:

https://yeclaeys.wordpress.com.   Link to ACTFL CAN DO STATEMENTS BENCHMARK CHECKLIST- http://www.actfl.org/global_statements

Here is a link to my webpage with lots of ideas for practice:

Resource Information:

website – www.https://yeclaeys.wordpress.com

Here is a link to electronic flashcards, games, etc. by Chapter:


Google Classroom – Log into Google classroom and be sure to accept the invitation

   Textbook information – Realidades 1, 2011



    other related resources

E-book login information

Open Internet explorer (It has to be Internet Explorer)

go to https://www.successnetplus.com/

Click on check settings and change settings

username:  firstname.lastname (in most cases) – firstname.middleinitial.lastname (in others)

password:  espanol1 (make sure it is the number one at the end)

click on login

click on enter

click on REALIDADES 1 ©2011 (listed)

click on e – Realidades 1 (upper right hand corner)*

scroll to page you want on the left

click on switch to audio mode in right side of toolbar

* If you get an error message try accessing the book this way:

Don’t click on e – Realidades 1 (upper right hand corner)                                                                

Click on Tools and then scroll down to Realidades under e- text

taxonomias-de-bloom-verbos-infografia.jpg 620×1,674 píxeles

Inteligencias múltiples (Multiple Intelligences visual in Spanish by Marek Bennett)


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