**Stargate Middle School Classroom Procedures

1. Entering the classroom:

• Enter the room quietly getting a whiteboard, marker, eraser and your book.
• Complete the assignment on the board.
• Loud talking, wasting time and horseplay will not be tolerated.

2. Announcements

• Talking is not allowed when the announcements are being read.
• If it does not get quiet, a letter from the word SOLO will be put on the board.

3. Attention:

• I will ask for it to get quiet by ringing a bell. Students are expected to stop doing everything, look at me and listen to directions, etc.  Students who do not get quiet will be required to pay me an “Estrella”.  At the end of the trimester, students may purchase items with their Estrellas.

4. Binder – Dictionaries and Autobiographies:

• 1st section – Use the paper in this section for tasks and tests.
• 2nd section – Dictionary – copy all required vocabulary into this section.
• 3rd section – Complete Story assignments in this section.  The vocabulary I ask you to put in this section is to give more meat to your stories.  You will not be tested on these.

5. Questions/Comments:

• Please ask for help by using the colored cups when working independently.
• Red = need lots of help, don’t understand the directions
• Yellow = quick question about the task
• Blue = Finished, need work checked
• Green = No help needed
• Raise your hand when working in a whole- class situation.
• Please do not call my name or chase me around the room. This is rude and disruptive.

6. Requests:

• Use the restroom and get a drink before class!
• You will be allowed to leave the room only when it is an emergency situation.
• Raise your hand.
• You must have your passport and ask in the language.

7. When you are done, stay in your seat and:

  • Practice conversations with a partner
  • Practice flashcards with a partner
  • Practice vocabulary with white boards
  • Quiz partner Spanish to English or English to Spanish

8. Group/partner work:

• Speak in low-volume voices.
• Stay with your group/partner at all times.
• Arrange plastic cups to indicate what you need from the teacher. These cups are not toys. Touch them only to get them, put them away, or change them. I will respond to them in this order.
• Red = need lots of help, don’t understand the directions
• Yellow = quick question about the task
• Blue = Finished, need work checked
• Green = No help needed
• Do Not call me over. This is rude and disruptive.

• 1 minute to get supplies, partner and start activity

9. Games:

• No talking unless it is your turn.
• Do not help team members.
• Speak loudly and clearly when giving an answer for your team.
• No arguing.
• No name-calling.
• Each game will also have its own rules.
• 1 minute to form teams

A check is given for each broken rule. 3 checks = game stops, a letter is added to the word SOLO on board.

10. Items to be brought every day:

spiral (can be left in room)                                                                                           passport (in folder)
pen (blue, black ink) or pencil
paper if no spiral                                                                                             
water bottles allowed

11. Items not to be brought to class:

  food, candy
 trading cards
 bad attitudes
cell phones
 items for personal grooming (brushes, perfumes, etc.)

12. Rewards:

Students who cooperate will be rewarded with Estrellas.   At the end of the trimester the students may purchase items with their Estrellas.

13. Fire Drills:

• Line up at door.
• Leave room single file to the designated spot.
• Last person closes door and makes sure lights are off.
• No horseplay during drill.

14. End of class:

• We are guests in this classroom.
• I will dismiss students only when all supplies are put away neatly, chairs are pushed in, and the floor is picked up.
• Students need to answer a questions or recite a tongue twister to leave.


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