**Stargate Middle School Consequences


  1. Be prompt and prepared. Students arrive to class on time and prepared to work.
  2. Be a good listener. Students follow directions the first time they are given and work well independently.
  3. Please do not talk while I am talking. Students allow the teacher and other students to speak without interruption, taking turns speaking by raising your hand.
  4. Students stay seated in assigned seat and refrain from behaviors that disrupt learning and/or teaching. Use a “number 1” voice while working in the classroom.
  5. Students treat others and their property with respect – in what you say and do.
  6. Students maintain a positive attitude.

*Goals cannot be met if class time is wasted on discipline issues, and if students do not invest time and effort in and outside of class.


  1. First Time: Verbal reminder/warning
  2. Second Time: Stop card
  3. Third Time:       Student goes to hall and fills out behavior reflection and we have a quiet conference in hallway, one “strike” next to name on board. Student must pay 1 estrella.
  4. Fourth Time:       Student’s name on the board for lunch/recess detention that day or the following day, (it is your responsibility to show up), contact is made with parents by phone or email.
  5. Fifth Time: Student receives an office referral and is sent to meet with Mr. Cable or Mr. Cochran.

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