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Foreign Language Teaching Methods


Bell ringers can tie into the previous day’s lesson and leads into the current day. For example: from a class story…type up 6-8 sentences and have them translate them, use current and previous vocabulary structures and have them translate them, from cultural unit, have them write 3 things they remember and 2 they wish they knew more about, do some matching activities with translation or a story character, information, etc. with a statement to match, etc. You can also prepare a Mad-Lib asking as a bell ringer for the words they will put in the blank (since TPRS does not do explicit grammar…ask for a word describing a thing, a person’s name, etc.), from a class story they can write the names of the characters and a sentence about them or, give the name and a cue word that they need to use regarding that person in the story, etc

Speaking in the Language Classroom


Free Audio Books

Teaching Foreign Languages Through Songs





Fairy Tale Generator

Templates for I have, bingo, etc.

Behavior / Participation Management

21st Century Skills

Graphic Organizers


Subject Games and Activities

Subject Games and Activities

Lesson Plan Guide

The Creative Language Class and other Blogs

Interactive Stories

Animal Sounds from around the world

Time for Kids – day in the life

Music Lyrics and videos of Music from around the world – Brazilian site, but type in any name in the search (buscar)


Audio practice in several languages

Center for International Studies

Lyrics Trainer

Stories in various languages

Geography Quizzes


Geography Games

Whiteboard Activities

Digital Pictures

Great resource of methods, ideas

Downloadable Instructional Books

Rhyming Dictionaries

Info Gap activities
Instant Classroom Activities : just add curriculum

Free Stuff

Cooperative Learning Links

some links are broken, but there are many others that are not

Instructional Cycle for Presenting Classroom Lessons

Readers Digest Around the World

Spanish –

Speaking Exercises

select the language you want at the top right hand corner – select a level by clicking on the language

Sound Effects

Animal Sounds in Different Languages

Don’t Gross out the World

Lingt helps teachers enable their students to speak. Create online assignments that make engaging and assessing spoken performance as natural as giving out a worksheet. Make oral exams that take a fraction of the time to administer and assess. Perfect for IB and AP preparation. Offer targeted feedback to individual responses to maximize student improvement. Incorporate video and images to create media and culture-rich exercises. Archive all your assignments and students’ responses to reuse next time and track individual improvement.

Clipart / Pictures

Backward Design and Language Teaching

Backwards Planning

Teaching World/Foreign Language Workshop

Video Resources to Teaching

Top 20 websites – Spanish teachers

Lesson Plans and videos

Technology in Teaching Resources

Professional Journal – Technology in Language Learning



World Passports



Interactive Notebooks

Internet Movie Database

Center for Language Education and Research

Vocabulary practice

Reading activities and

Foreign Language and gifted learners

Foreign Language and Learning Disabilities

scroll way down

Technology Tools

Pre-made Documents – Click on education, scroll to languages and click on the language you need

Travel photos and information
National Geographic Country

National Geographic Kids Country

Multilingual Computing

Music in the Language Classroom


Just put your mouse on a city anywhere in the world and the front page of a newspaper pops up. At the top of the page, you can link the paper’s web site to get the whole paper.

Tongue Twisters

Learning Centers


Masterpiece yourself
A site where you can put a picture of yourself, or of anyone, actually, in a famous work of art. Your face on the Mona
Lisa? You as the Girl with the Pearl Earring.

Picture Yourself

Websites Where Students Can Record Their Voices

National Geographic Music and Videos

Students can type in French, Spanish (etc) text and a voice will pronounce it for them.

Pictures to teach vocab

Other Foreign Language Educators

On-line dictionaries


Early Language Learning

TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling)

ASL Resource

Traditional Games from around the World – Bingo card generator

General Resources

Elementary Education Resources

Here are some resources that all world language teachers ought to have, and some language specific resources also:

Teaching world languages – good resources for all teachers:

Language specific resources:
Other Languages (ASL, ESL, Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Japanese and more):
For French Teachers:
For German Teachers:
For Spanish teachers:

For other resources such as Languages/Language Advocacy, Literacy, Early Language Learning, Art and Music in the world language classroom , international foods, History Connections (etc.), see:

Foreign Language News, Newspapers and Magazines

Culterally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon

One Place

On-Line Resources

Comic strips on-line

On-Line Games

Spanish On-line Games

Tools for Communication

Daft Doggy Voice Recorder-gives you a link to your audio file

GCast-Create a Podcast

Podomatic-Create a Podcast

EyeJot-Send a Video email

Livemocha-Connect with Native Speakers around the World

WiziQ-Teach and Learn Live Online


These two websites are useful for obtaining
publications in Haitian Creole, French, Spanish
and Portuguese:



Jing-Screencast-record & share what’s on your computer screen

Slideshare-Share Power Point Presentations

PollDaddy-Create Online Polls & Surveys

Free Website Design Centers

Vocabulary Games

  • PowerPoint Games

    Download the templates and modify the games to fit your curriculum needs. PowerPoint Games – Lots of whole class participation games similar to Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune Who Wants to be a (with music). Courtesy of Mark

  • Links | Game Show Guy

    Jeopardy Style Game Show Powerpoint Template With Sound Effects · Wheel of A frikkin’ bounty of powerpoint game show style templates – Game Show Wiki

  • PowerPoint Games: Templates and Examples

    10+ items – Technology Resource Teacher Fayette County Public Schools

  • PowerPoint Games – Teacher

    Includes downloadable templates for PowerPoint Jeopardy, Millionaire, and There are no sound files present. Game Show Sound Files Downloads

  • PowerPoint Review Game Templates – Triton Science

    sound file 1 Download the PowerPoint template and sound files and place them and ask them to identify most of them….watch the show); Begin game.

  • tigertown – Games

    5+ items – Elementary Games · Social Studies · Science List of Games.

  • Quiz showTemplates –

    Use this quiz show template for PowerPoint to create your own trivia game; includes true and false, revealed answers, multiple choice, and matching.


Countries, Flags and Nationalities

Pictures from around the world

Clip Art

New collection of clip art that contained a large number of HPI
files (Hemera Stock Photo Images).  These are mostly photographs, but the
software that come with it does not allow for transparent backgrounds.
Fortunately, I found some German freeware from a man by the name of Udo
Schneider that converts these files into PNG files that do allow a transparent
background.  The following PowerPoint better explains visually what I mean
here if you are interested.

Udo Schneiders:  HPI Converter:


Pen Pals and Key Pals

The Social Way to Learn a Language.
Connect with native speakers around the world
Improve at your own pace with free online lessons

Lesson plans

Game Show Templates’s/Games/Games.htm

Online Stopwatches and Timers

Graphic Organizers


On-line Television

On-line radio

Front Pages of Newspapers From Around the World

Search Engines by language


Free Teacher Tools

Art Resources

Post about Spanish and Latin American art to use in class. Here’s the link to those:

A very extensive collection of Spanish and Latin American art works. Here’s the link to the galleries:

The Spanish and Latin American art puzzles! The puzzles really help to focus on the details of the paintings. Link to those below:

Resources that go with the art chapter in ¡En
Español! textbook, U1E2:

Birthdays around the world

For German Teachers


For French Teachers


French News Videos

French Christmas Civilization

French rooms of the house

Comparisons of homes from around the World

click on the book –

French Videos

For Spanish Teachers

Spanish News


Traditional Hispanic Games

Information Gap Activities


Muy Interesante Magazine


Reading Excerpts


The Bronze Screen – Latinos in Movies and Media

Hispanic Language Sites

Famous Hispanics video

Spanish Lesson Plans

Cinco de Mayo

Day of the Dead

Dia de los Niñosñoño.asp

Famous Hispanics Videos

Resource List

Resource Links


For Italian Teachers

For Russian Teachers

For Chinese Teachers

For Japanese Teachers

Things to do

Things to Make


Video Worksheets

Cooperative Learning

Transparencies for Instruction

Aurora’s World Language Website

Resources for Teachers

National, State and Local Organizations / Links


Other Professional Links

AAAL: American Association for Applied Linguistics

AAS: Association for Asian Studies

AATA :American Association of Teachers of Arabic

AATF: American Association of Teachers of French

AATG: American Association of Teachers of German

AATI: American Association of Teachers of Italian

AATSEEL: American Association of Teachers of Slavic and Eastern European Languages

AATSP: American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese

AAUSC: American Association of University Supervisors and Coordinators and Directors of Foreign Language Programs

ACL: American Classical League

ACTFL: American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

ACTR/ACCELS: American Council on the Teaching of Russian/American Council for Collaboration in Education and Language Study

ADFL: Association of Departments of Foreign Languages

ALTA: African Language Teachers Association

Association of Teachers of Japanese

CAL: Center for Applied Linguistics

CALICO: Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Instruction Consortium

COTESOL: Colorado Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

CTIR: Center for Teaching International Relations at the University of Denver

FLANC: Foreign Language Association of North Carolina

FLAND: Foreign Language Association of North Dakota

FLAVA: Foreign Language Association of Virginia

FLENJ: Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey

IALLT: International Association for Language Learning and Technology

ICTFL: Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

IFLTA: Illinois Foreign Language Teachers Association

IWLA: Iowa World Language Association

JNCL: Joint National Committee for Languages

MFLA: Michigan World Language Association

MLA: Modern Language Association

NCTA: National Consortium for Teaching about Asia

National Council of Organizations of Less Commonly Taught Languages

NCBE: National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition

NCLIS: National Council for Languages and International Studies

NCSSFL: National Council of State Supervisors of Foreign Languages

NEA: National Education Association

NNELL: National Network for Early Language Learning

OFLA: Ohio Foreign Language Association

SOCALLT: South Central Association for Language Learning Technology

TESOL: Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

TFLA: Texas Foreign Language Association

WAFLT: Wisconsin Association of Foreign Language Teachers

National Foreign Language Resource Centers

Duke University/University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Slavic and East European Language Resource

Georgetown University/George Washington University/Center for Applied Linguistics
National Capital Language Resource Center (GU/GW/CAL NCLRC)

Iowa State University
National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center

Michigan State University
Center for Language Education and Research

Ohio State University
Foreign Language Center

Pennsylvania State University
Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research

San Diego State University
National Language Resource Center

University of Hawaii
National Foreign Language Resource Center

University of Minnesota
Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition

University of Wisconsin at Madison
National African Language Resource Center

Selected Regional Foreign Language Conferences
The Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

The Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

The Pacific Northwest Council for Languages

PNCFL publishes SELECTA , a journal devoted to all aspects of languages and cultures

The Southern Conference on Language Teaching


Causerie is a general French discussion list. To subscribe, send the message

EDUFRANÇAIS is an international list where French teachers at all levels and in all countries can exchange cultural and linguistic information about France and other francophone countries. To subscribe, send the message

ESPAN-L is a list for teachers and speakers of Spanish. Send the message

The Foreign Language Teaching Forum (FLTEACH) is the major listserv for foreign language teachers, with lively and informative discussions. To subscribe, leave the subject line blank; send the message

France is a listserv for discussions about the French language. To subscribe send the message

The Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections (K-12) list provides a service for foreign language teachers seeking partner classrooms for international and cross-cultural electronic mail exchanges (not individual penpals). To subscribe, send the message

LCTL-T is a discussion list for teachers of less commonly taught languages (i.e., all languages except English, Spanish, French, and German). To subscribe, send the message

LIM-A hosts discussions about language immersion programs. Teachers, administrators, and parents are welcome to join. To subscribe, send the message

LLTI, Language Learning and Technology International, serves as a distribution point for information on language learning and technology, language lab technology, computer supported language learning, interactive video, interactive audio, language workstations, international standards, conversions, etc. Subscribers can post notes and queries as well as search databases. To subscribe, send the message

LTEST-L, Language Testing Research and Practice, is an open forum for discussion of issues related to language testing, theory, and research. Members are primarily university professors, graduate students, and institutions such as the Educational Testing Service. To subscribe, send the message

ÑANDU participants discuss timely issues related to foreign language learning in Grades K-8, provide

esources to one another, and share experiences with early sequence programs. To join Ñandu, send the message

RIBO-L is a list for German and English discussion. Postings are in both languages. To subscribe, send the message

SLART-L is for those involved in second language acquisition research or teaching. Participants may discuss
research in progress, solicit advice, and post papers for feedback. To subscribe, send the message

Additional ListServs may be found by connecting to




French Musical Advent Calendar

French Christmas

Spanish Christmas

Valentine’s Day


Materials and Other Resources

Center for the Advancement of Language Learning (CALL) A collection of foreign language learning resources and links, especially related to authentic materials, for teachers and learners located at:

Computer Technology in the FLES Classroom A resource site for teachers using computers in teaching foreign languages to young students located at:

Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) A national information system designed to provide users with ready access to an extensive body of education-related literature located at:

Foreign Language Teaching Forum (FLTEACH) Archives: Searchable archives of all messages posted to the Foreign Language Teaching Forum listserv located at:

Foreign Language Teacher’s Guide to Learning Disabilities The latest information on research, teaching techniques, technological advances, and more for students with disabilities located at:

French Resources (Compiled at Metropolitan State College of Denver)

German Resources (Compiled at Metropolitan State College of Denver)

Iowa Foreign Language Association (IFLA) links about advocacy, FLES, and more located at:

Language Interactive A complete guide to developing WWW-based materials for language learning

Less Commonly Taught Languages

“National Foreign Language Week” sponsored by ALPHA MU GAMMA
Spanish Resources (Compiled at Metropolitan State College of Denver)

TFLTA Professional Resource Center Approaching 200 links

Game Show Templates


Other Languages

Professional Organizations



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