Frontier Proficiency Tasks

Each unit has a variety of activities that students can choose from.
They must complete the following:

Advanced = Score 4/4 on test.
Proficient = Score 3/4 on test.
Partial Proficient = Score 2/4 on test.
Beginning Understanding = Score 1/4 on test.
Each test will cover Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking activities, 1 question / problem for each.

Outstanding Effort = Complete at least 4 tasks
Satisfactory Effort = Complete at least 3 tasks
Inconsistent = Complete at least 2 tasks
Minimal = Complete 1 task

Think of each unit as a trip to the same destination which is our target learning. Students get to choose what sites they want to visit along the way, each taking a different road. I will serve as their tour guide helping them along the way so that they can reach our destination.

They will only have so much time to work in class, but many of the activities can be done at home as well. Visit my website :


• When you are absent, go to the Spanish or French Homework assignments page for work covered in class.
• If you want to work on the Autobiography at home, go to the Spanish or French Autobiography page for an example and detailed directions.
• If you want to study and practice the vocabulary we go over in class, go the Spanish or French Vocabulary and Powerpoints page.
• If you want to practice the conversations, go to the Spanish or French Vocabulary and Powerpoints page and scroll to the bottom of the page.
• If you want to explore new vocabulary, Spanish or French Resources page.

Failure to complete at least 2 proficiency tasks will result in an after school detention.

Failure to do detention will result in a phone call home and office referral.
These are the tasks you can choose from to help you reach proficiency:


These are the descriptions of the tasks

You may complete them at home or in class.


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