Realidades 2 Chapter 1A

Capítulo 1A ¿Qué haces en la escuela?

Learning targets:
I can talk about class, classroom objects, and rules
I can use affirmative and negative words
I can use stem-changing verbs (E-I , E-IE, O-UE)



Chapter 1A Vocabulary flashcards and quiz:

More vocabulary practice:

Vocabulary crossword puzzle:

Stem changing verbs game for 1 or 2 players:

Hangman game:

Games and flashcards:

Affirmative and negative words (study, games & quiz):

Flash cards with sound:

Stem-changing verbs quiz:



 Spanish 2. Chapter 1A Review Sites Look for puzzles and test preparation

A.     Vocab Review. 1A

B.     Stem Changing Verbs.1A

 C.     Affirmative and Negative Words. 1A

 D.    Self-Test. 1A

Practice Links: 

Vocabulary 1A
Vocabulary 1A (Review from 1st year)
negative words Stem-changing verbs 1A
Stem-changing verbs (all)
negative practice
negative practice Affirmative/
negative practice #2 

1A Vocabulary – R2

Grammar Links:

Affirmative and Negative Expressions Test

For videos explaining uses of specific expressions, look at links at 3:45 of the video.

E->I Stem changing verbs

E->IE Stem changing Verbs

Conjuguemos – Vocabulario 1A

A ver si recuerdas

La escuela

Concentración y otros juegos

Verbs with irregular yo

Llenar el espacio


Concentración y otros juegos1

Classroom-activities, rules and objects


Stem-changing verbs

Explicación con actividad

Concentración y otros juegos

Affirmative and negative words


Llenar el espacio

Repaso del capítulo

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