Realidades 2 Chapter 1B

Capítulo 1B ¿Qué haces después de las clases?

Tema 1 – Chapter 1 B
to talk about extracurricular activities
to talk about music and drama
to talk about actions with activities
other useful words


Chapter 2a Resources:

Flashcards with pictures:

Reflexives hangman games:

Chapter vocabulary games:

Rags to Riches/reflexive verbs:

Rags to Riches/ser y estar:

Battleship with reflexive verbs:

More practice with reflexives:

Crucigrama (crossword puzzle):

Challenge Board (1/2 players):

Jumbled words:

Challenge Board (the body):

Flash cards with sound:

Flash cards/games with pictures:

Animated verbs:

Vocabulary practice
Comparisons review:   (review of Spanish II comparisons)
Learning targets:
I can talk about extra-curricular activities
I can talk about music and drama
I can talk about internet activities
I can say for how long something has been going on
I can make comparisons
I can distinguish between CONOCER & SABER
Practice Links: 


& Hace (time expressions)
tan /tanto

1B Vocabulary – R2

Grammar Links:

Hace que… TIME


Saber vs. Conocer

Conjuguemos – Vocabulario 1B

Spanish 2. Chapter 1B Review Sites

A.     Vocab Review. 1B

B. Self-Test. 1B

C.     Saber vs. Conocer Self-Quiz. 1B

D.     Comparisons of Inequality. 1B

E.      Tan + adj+ como practice/ tanto/a/os/as + noun+ como. 1B

F.      Hace time expressions. 1B

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