Realidades 2 Chapter 2B

Capítulo 2B ¿Qué ropa compraste?


E-book Student home page to review all material for each chapter, includes songs, puzzles and more.. check it out at:

When shopping you know 0-100.  For level 2 students, you are responsible to know higher numbers like zero to millions.


The Preterit Tense (regulars only)

Realidades 1: (ar verbs only) 7B p354-355, p354 act 12, p355 go-online & p355 mas practica

Realidades 1: (er/ir verbs only) 8A p383, 383 act 13, p384 go-online & p384 mas practica

Realidades 2: (2B p.110-113), p110 act 13, p133 go-online, p133 mas practica, p83-84 guided wkbk

Preterite -car, -gar, -zar (Realidades 2: ch2B)

Realidades 1: ch7B,  p356,p356 act 15, p359 go-online, p359 mas practica

Realidades 2, ch2B (vocabulary) & regular preterite tense verbs activities.


Preterite stem-changing verbs ( -ir verbs only)
Realidades 2:  (ch6A) p302, p302 act 12, p303 act 14,p304 go-online , p304 mas practica, p211-213 guided wkbk

Demonstrative Adjectives 

(Realidades 1: chapter 7A p.332-335, p332 act 17, p335 activity (with this link only, p335 mas practica)

(Realidades 2: chapter 2B p.114-115, p114 activity 19, p115 go-online, p115 mas practica)

demonstrative as nouns Realidades 2 ch2B: p117 go-online & mas practica

CPS quiz on demonstrative adjectives

Demonstrative Adjective practice (click here to view activities)

L2c2B este,ese,aquel

Writing task: 
Realidades 2: ch2B: p121  Una ganga! You received $200 for your birthday ($100 in cash and $100 in gift certificates) and just purchased several articles of clothing with the money.  Write and email in Spanish to a friend describing your shopping spree. (include item purchased, where, price, color, material, and / style of each.)

Frequency words: primero, segundo, tercero, después, entonces, finalmente

Detail description: Encontré unas gangas

You received $200 for your birthday ($100 in cash and $100 in gift certificates) and just purchased several articles of clothing with the money.Write an email to a friend describing your shopping trip.

  1. Prewrite: Create a chart including a) what you bought (3 items)

b) where c) how much you paid and how (cash/gift certificate) d) describe the item bought (minimum of three descriptions per item)

    2.  Draft : Start your email with:

¡Hola! Para mi cumpleaños recibí $200 para comprar ropa nueva. Decidí ir al centro comercial porque….

    3.  Revise: Check email, make sure you have all requirements, spelling is correct, descriptions agree with noun in gender and number. Use a variety of vocabulary.

    4.   Final Copy: Rewrite email and make all necessary changes

Flash cards:

Flash cards with pictures:

Flash cards with sound:


Many games with vocabulary:

Quiz yourself:

Try this one:

word search and more:

practice the preterite:

burrito builder conjugation game:


Spanish 2. Chapter 2B Review Sites

           A. Demonstratives Practice. 2B

Hang man (Spanish 1)

Drill & practice/ Fill in blank

In context of a paragraph

           B. Preterite.2B

Do A and B only (not C)

Fill in blank/ in context of a paragraph

inQuia game

           C. Self Test- Submit score for credit.2B

D. Realidades 2B Describe Clothing Materials

E. Quizlet (all chapters)

I can talk about shopping and discuss purchases
I can conjugate and use PRETERITE AR, ER, & IR VERBS
Practice Links:

Vocabulary 2B 
Demonstrative adjectives
Regular preterite
Regular preterite

2B Vocabulary – R2

Grammar Links:

Preterite: -AR verbs

Preterite: -CAR, -GAR, -ZAR

Preterite: -ER Verbs

Preterite: -IR Verbs

Demonstrative Adjectives – This/That

Demonstrative Adjectives: These/Those

Conjuguemos – Vocabulario 2B

A ver si recuerdas

¿Quieres ir de compras?

Concentración y otros juegos

Cardinal numbers




Prueba de práctica

Escribir el número

Escoger la respuesta correcta


Concentración y otros juegos1

Concentración y otros juegos2

Shopping and material vocabulary

Clothing purchases and payment


The preterite of regular verbs




¡A conjugar!


Demonstrative adjectives




Prueba de práctica


Escuchar y traducir

Using adjectives as nouns

Escoger la respuesta correcta

Repaso del capítulo


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