Realidades 1 Chapter 1A

Realidades 1 Chapter 1A Tagxedo
Capítulo 1A (What do you like to do?)

• Talk about activities that you like and don’t like to do
• Ask others about their likes / dislikes
• Understand cultural perspectives on favorite activities
Chapter 1A Vocablary list
Realidades 1 Chapter 1A Tagxedo

E-book Student home page to review all material for each chapter, includes songs, puzzles and more.. check it out at:
Objectives of ch1A:  Read, listen to, and understand information about activities people like and do not like to do. 
Standards: 1.1,1.1, 1.3, 2.1, 2.2,3.1, 3.2, 4.1, 4.2
Student will identify Pablo Picasso‘s work and give facts of the artist and discuss the difference among his art pieces.
Appreciate Art and artist of Spanish background.
Vocabulary:   p46 regarding extracurricular activities.  
p25-32 guided workbook.  
p27&29 go-online, 
p27&29 mas practica. 
ch1A vocabulary videohistoria  p 28.  Vocabulary activities  on CD-Rom. 
Reading p26-29 textbook.
Ch1A QUIA Vocabulary Quiz

Infinitives (1A p.32-33), p32 activity 9, 10, p33 activity 11, p33 go-online, p33 mas practica, p33 guided wkbk (click on link) & p25-33 guided wkbk (vocabulary flashcards)

Infinitive verb practice (click here to view) 

Objectives: talk about activities, say what you like and do not like to do, ask others what they like to do, learn about infinitives and negative statements.  1.1,1.2,1.3
Practice:  p33 go-online , p33 mas practica, p33 guided workbook, p15 WAV workbook, p32 act 9-10.
Student will be able to say and spell correctly: I like it/them, you like it/them, (s)he likes it/them, we like it/them, you all like it/them, they like it/them.  
Student should use 4 parts of the sentence structure, for example: For me, I like the pants.

Dances: students should be able to identify each of the five dances and give some facts about its origin & style. 

Practice: p35 audio clips and reading, may use to create e-graphic organizer about these dances.  Must give 5 facts about each dance and be able to differentiate among them in the future.
Negatives p36 textbook with GramActiva video in the e-book
Practice: p37 go-online, p37 mas practica, p34-35 guided workbook, p16 WAV workbook. p36 activity 15 of textbook
Expressing Agreements or disagreement p38 Textbook.
practice: p38 go-online, p38 mas practica, p36 guided workbook.
Reading on p40-41  with p37 guided workbook or p41 go-online practice
p42 reading about dancing
p43 oral presentation write 5 sentences x 2 points each = 10 points about likes/dislikes
Culture p44-45 reading about Spain.  Write 1 summary sentence in English for each paragraph or complete the following questions.
1. What were possible languages spoken in the Spanish empire, when it covered Italy, Netherlands, Americas, Caribean, Phillipines and colonies in Africa?
2. If Spain was part of the Roman Empire, how is Latin related to Spanish?
3. What is another name for Spanish Language in Spain?
4. Are the customs of USA closest to Greek, Roman/Moors, and Why?
5. What would we call a location like El Buen Retiro in the USA?
6. What was the purpose of Alhambra prior to 1492?
7. What was the purpose of Alhambra after 1492?
8.What does the curve of the museum building represent about the harbor of Bilboa?
chapter review p46-47 textbook.  p47 go-online, MindQuiz game.
ch1A  pruebas
Chapter ASSESSMENT ch 1A

Capítulo 1A

Me encanta escribir en español: gustar

Resources for teaching, learning, songs, etc.

Links for all chapters here:

Chapter 1A

Powerpoint in class
Lesson 1A in class

Likes and dislikes:
Capitulo: 1A
Realidades 1: Capítulo 1A List of WordsFlashcards


ME GUSTA POSTER / HANDOUT : This fun poster or handout demonstrates how to use

Me encanta escribir en español: gustar

Me encanta escribir en español: gustar

Me encanta escribir en español: gustar

Haciendo cosas. Estar + gerundio. ¿Qué estás haciendo?


Guided Listening Practice; Teaching Spanish w/ Comprehensible Input

¿Qué haces en tu tiempo libre?

Me encanta escribir en español: gustar


Los deportes en español


No me gusta

¿Qué te gusta hacer?

Hoy empecé a practicar yoga... (el pretérito) (cambios ortográficos) - Visit for more fun materials for Spanish teachers and students!

Tema 1 – Chapter 1A

username – claeysclass        password – espanol
to talk about activities
Activities – Multi-Choice
to say what you like and don’t like to do
other useful words

Chapter vocabulary crossword puzzle:

Vocabulary practice:

Hangman game:

Multiple game and flashcards:

Flash cards with pictures:

Page 1 (to talk about activities)
Page 2 (to talk about activities using me gusta)
Page 3 (to talk about activities)
Page 4 (to talk about activities using me gusta)
Page 5 (agreeing with me gusta and no me gusta)
Page 6 (to talk about activities)
Page 7 (to talk about activities)
Page 8 (Categorizing)
Page 9 (¿Qué te gusta más?)
Page 10 (ni…ni)

Page 19 (le gusta)


Games:   1a   1A hangman 1a rag to riches 1a battle ship – gustar battleship  (gustar) (flashcards) (matching) (game)

  1A Jeopardy likes and dislikes
  Infinitives- Jeopardy

Realidades 1A Challenge Board Jota Mr. Jasinski Challenge Board
Vocabulary words Realidades 1A
Copy this to my account
2 Realidades 1A Jota Mr. Jasinski Java Game
Vocabulary Games
Copy this to my account
3 Realidades 1A Quiz ¿Qué te gusta hacer? Señora Mayo Quiz This quiz contains 5 questions. Copy this to my account
4 Realidades I – Capítulo 1A Hangman Copy this to my account
5 Realidades I – Capítulo 1A Java Game
Play games to practice the vocabulary from Chapter 1A.
Copy this to my account
6 I Realidades-Capítulo 1A Vocabulary Madame Young Java Game
Realidades 1, Capítulo 1A Vocubulary
  Likes and Dislikes

Realidades 1A Challenge Board Jota Mr. Jasinski Challenge Board
Vocabulary words Realidades 1A


QUIZ – Chapter 1a (to talk about activities)
QUIZ – Multiple Choice (to talk about activities)
QUIZ – Chapter 1a (to say what you like to do)
QUIZ – Chapter 1a (other useful words)

Links for all chapters here

PowerPoint Presentations

1.) Las Actividades

2.) Las Actividades Review

Vocabulary Notes

1.) Las Actividades Vocabulary Fill In

A.) Las Actividades Notes

Grammar Notes

1.) Talking About Likes and Dislikes

2.) Saying Also and Neither

3.) Talking About Preferences in Likes and Dislikes


1.) ¿Qué hace todo el mundo?

2.) ¿Qué les gusta hacer a los estudiantes?

3.) Me / Te / Le gusta

4.) No Me gusta / A mí tampoco

5.) GramActiva – Infinitives

6.) Writing Act 10

7.) Writing Act 11

8.) Gustar + Infinitive (GRADE)

9.) GramActiva – Negatives

10.) Mis Actividades – Cut and Paste Activity

11.) ¿Qué les gusta?

12.) ¿Qué pasa? – Listening Activity

13.) La clase de la Sra. Hutchinson

14.) La clase de la Sra. Hutchinson – Answer Sheet

15.) Writing Activity 12

16.) Study Guide

Workbook Pages

Core Practice workbook                                   Guided Practice workbook

1.) Core Practice p. 13                                             1.) Guided Practice p. 33

2.) Core Practice p. 14                                            2.) Guided Practice p. 34

3.) Core Practice p. 15                                            3.) Guided Practice p. 35

4.) Core Practice p. 16                                            4.) Guided Practice p. 36

5.) Core Practice p. 17                                            5.) Guided Practice p. 37

6.) Core Practice p. 18

7.) Core Practice p. 19

8.) Core Practice p. 20

9.) Core Practice p. 21


1.) Mis Amigos y Yo Video questions

A.) Answers


1.) Mambo

A.) Mambo Song worksheet

Speaking Assessment

1.) Communicative Activity 1 (Likes and Dislikes)


1.) Mis Actividades Mini Project

2.) Tarjetas Postales – Intro

3.) Tarjetas Postales – Rough Draft

4.) Tarjetas Postales – Grading Rubric


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