Realidades 1 Chapter 1B

Chapter 1 B (pp. 48-71) –

Capítulo 1B (What are you like?)

• Talk about your personality
• Ask and tell what other people are like
• Use adjectives to describe people
• Understand cultural perspectives on friendship

Capítulo 1B

E-book Student home page to review all material for each chapter, includes songs, puzzles and more.. check it out at:
Objectives:  talk about personality traits, ask and tell what people are like, use adjectives to describe people, understand cultural perspectives on friendships. Standards: 1.1,1.2,1.3,2.1,2.2, 3.1,4.1,4.2,5.1,5.2

 p48 textbook gives facts and sample of Frida  Kahlo artwork.

Learn the following pronouns in Spanish for a basic quiz.
Yo= I
Tú = you
él = he
ella = she
usted = you formal (like sir) (unisex)
nosotros (as) = we
Maria y yo = someone and I
Vosotros (as) = you all
Maria y tú = someone and you
ellos = they (guys only) or (mixed gender group)
ellas = they (girls only
ustedes = you all formal (ie  sirs / ladies and gentlemen) (unisex) is available for practice & quiz of colors in Spanish

Practice about colors: p64 textbook has a reading discussing colors and peoples  personalities.

p65 go-online, p51 guided workbook, answer question of p65 in textbook.
Practice of chapter 1B vocabulary: p70 vocabulary page & e-flashcards,  p39-46 guided workbook, p50-53 textbook coordinates with ch1B video & Cd-Rom practice, p51 & 53 go-online, p51&53 mas practica, p25WAV practice workbook(writing activity), p18-20 WAV  practice workbook (video activity). Listening activities p51 actividad 1-2 & p53 actividad 3-4
ch1B Vocabulary QUIA QUIZ @
p59 actividad 14 Diamond Poem (Adaptable activity)
 yo soy (name)
adjective, adjective (personality)
adjective, adjective, adjective (physical)
I like ……          and    ….       (activities)
I do not like neither….. nor…. (activities)
I am not (adjective)
yo soy yo
Manos a la obra:  Adjectives p55 (matching gender & quantity ).  GramActiva video  & adjectives standard deviants  video.    p54 actividad 5, p56 actividad 8 in textbook.   p58 go-online & p58 mas practica in ebook,  p47-48 guided workbook, p26 WAV practice workbook.
Definite and indefinite articles p60 in textbook.  GramActiva video & standard deviants. p60 actividad 16 (listening), p61 actividad 18 in textbook.  p61 go-online & p61 mas practica in ebook. p49 guided workbook. p27 WAV  practice workbook (writing).        
Word order: placement of adjectives p62 in textbook.  
Subject + (no) + verb + article + noun + adjective.   
p62 activity 19 in textbook 
p63 go-online & 63 mas practica in ebook.
 p50 guided workbook.
 Smartboard practice available in class.


p66 write 1 summary sentence per paragraph to proof reading Perspectivas del mundo hispano.

p67 presentacion escrita.  write sentences in Spanish according to the description of the task in the textbook.
1 Hola, ¿Cómo estás? Me llamo ________(nick name)
2. Mi apellido es  ______ (last name)
3. yo tengo _____años. (age)
4. mi cumpleaños es el ____(#) de ____(month) (b-day)
5. y este año, mi cumpleaños es en un ____(day of month for your bday)
6. yo soy ______, ______,________, y ________.  (2 physical & 2 personality adjectives)
7.  Mis ojos son ____(color of eyes).
8. Me gusta _______(favorite season).
9. A mí, me gusta _______y ________. (favorite activities)
10. A mí, no me gusta  ni ________ ni________(activities do not like)
11. Yo voy a la escuela de _______(svhs) y ____gusta.(name of school & if you like it) 
Escríbeme pronto! ¿Cómo eres tú?(write soon, how are you)
p68-69 write summary sentence for each paragraph about El Caribe.  Write 5-10 facts about each location using the powerpoints below.
Close reading questions p.68-69 Textbook.
1. What languages are spoken in the Caribbean?
2. In what country did Christopher Columbus founded the first European colony? 
3. Where did most black people come from (country) that live in the Caribbean?
4. What is the oldest university in the Americas?
5. When was Harvard University founded?
6. Name an important landmark of Puerto Rico and why it is important?
7. Give facts about Caribbean music or list some Caribbean music.



Cultural project would  be a montage: 10  images representing the Spanish culture and language.

Ch1B Review p70-71 in textbook.  p71 go-online.  ch1B MindQuiz game with teacher Cd-Rom

Quizlet Vocab Activities Chap 1B

Lesson 1B in Class

Capítulo 1B

Chapter 1B
Vosotros, Vosotros – plural of tú in Spain only
Subject Pronouns in Spanish - Cartoon Chart
Animated Verbs –
46 Spanish Adjectives to Describe All Your Friends [Printable]
Tipos de amigos
Writing assignment 
PowerPoint with famous people 

Capitulo: 1B

Realidades 1: Capítulo 1B List of WordsFlashcards


username – claeysclass        password – espanol

to talk about what you and others are like
to ask people about themselves and others
to tell whom you are talking about
other useful words
Page 11 (to talk about what you and others are like)
Page 12 (to talk about what you and others are like)
Page 13 (to talk about what you and others are like)
Page 14 (Translate)
Page 15 (to talk about what you and others are like)
Page 16 (to talk about what you and others are like)
Page 17 (to talk about what you and others are like)
Page 18 (¿Cómo se llama?)


Games:  1.B 1B actividades columnas  1B hangman 1B battleship 1B adjective agreement 1B adjectives ser + adjectives 1B quiz 1b quiz 1B review chapter (flashcards) (game adjectives) (describing people) (game)

  Capitulo 1 Hangman – (copy)
  Realidades I – Capítulo 1B
Adjectives- What’s the opposite?
Rank  Title Author Activity Type / Description Copy
1 Realidades I – Capítulo 1B Hangman Copy this to my account
2 Realidades I – Capítulo 1B Java Game Copy this to my account
3 I Realidades-Capítulo 1B Vocabulary Madame Young Java Game
Realidades 1, Capítulo 1B Vocabulary
Copy this to my account
4 Adjectives Agreement realidades uno 1B MmeZedd Java Game
vocabulary practice
Copy this to my account
5 Realidades 1 – 1B Vocabulario Madame Young Challenge Board
End of chapter vocabulary
Copy this to my account
7 Realidades A – Capítulo 1B – articles Miss Nielson Pop-ups
Practice your use of definite and indefinite articles with this activity. Can you get 100%?
Copy this to my account
8 Realidades A – Capítulo 1B – describing people Miss Nielson Java Game
Use these matching, flash card, and word search activities to review vocabulary and phrases to describe yourself and others.
Copy this to my account
9 Adjectives with SER 1B Sra. Judilee Hays Rags to Riches Copy this to my account
10 Adjective Agreement 1B Sra. Judilee Hays Java Game Copy this to my account
11 Capítulo 1B Tarea #1 Elizabeth DeJesus Quiz
Realidades 1 1B Adjectives This quiz contains 12 questions.
Copy this to my account
12 chapter 1B Java Game
Vocabulary for Realidades I, chapter 1B
Copy this to my account
13 Artículos definidos Sra. Judilee Hays Java Game
Realidades 1B
Por Angela
Copy this to my account


QUIZ – Chapter 1a (other useful words)
QUIZ – Chapter 1b (to talk about what you and others are like)
QUIZ – Chapter 1b (to ask people about themselves or others)
QUIZ – Chapter 1b (to tell whom you are talking about)
QUIZ – Chapter 1b (other useful words)

Page 11 (to talk about what you and others are like)
Page 12 (to talk about what you and others are like)
Page 13 (to talk about what you and others are like)
Page 14 (Translate)
Page 15 (to talk about what you and others are like)
Page 16 (to talk about what you and others are like)
Page 17 (to talk about what you and others are like)
Page 18 (¿Cómo se llama?)

Grammar Practice and Quizzes

QUIZ – Chapter 1 (Adjective Agreement)
adjective agreement
Building sentences

Links for all chapters here

“Challenge Activity”

Dropping Letters (Adjetivos – Cap 1B)

Flash cards with sound:

Multiple choice quiz:

Flash cards with games:

Vocabulary Hangman:

Other games: Matching and Concentration:

Vocab Battleship:

Game like Jeopardy, 1 or 2 players:

PowerPoint Presentations

1.) Describing Yourself and Others PowerPoint

2.) Adjectives – Masculine vs. Feminine 

3.) Adjective Review Flashcards

4.) Hair and Eye Color PowerPoint

5.) Word Order in Spanish PowerPoint

Vocabulary Notes

1.) Describing Yourself and Others Fill In

A.) Describing Yourself and Others Notes

2.) Talking About Yourself and Others

3.) Hair and Eye Color Fill In

A.) Hair and Eye Color

Grammar Notes

1.) Adjectives:  Masculine vs Feminine Fill In

2.) Describing Others

3.) Using Adjectives in Everyday Conversation

4.) Masculine words vs. Feminine words

5.) Making Words Plural


1.) ¿Qué les gusta hacer?

2.) ¿Cómo es?

3.) ¿Cómo son?

4.) Magic Squares (GRADE)

5.) Roberto y Yolanda

6.) GramActiva: Adjectives 

7.) ¿Cómo es la gente?

8.) Noun-Adjective Agreement

9.) Noun-Adjective Agreement 2

10.) Mis Amigos

11.) ¿Cómo son? (GRADE)

12.) Un / Una . . .El / La

13.) ¿Cómo son todos?

14.) Word Order: Placement of Adjectives

15.) ¿Qué les gusta hacer? (GRADE)

16.) ¿Cómo son en realidad? (A/B Activitiy)

17.) ¿Cómo son

18.) Writing Activity 11

19.) Study Guide

Workbook Pages

Core Practice workbook                                   Guided Practice workbook

1.) Core Practice p. 22                                              1.) Guided Practice p. 47

2.) Core Practice p. 23                                             2.) Guided Practice p. 48

3.) Core Practice p. 24                                             3.) Guided Practice p. 49

4.) Core Practice p. 25                                             4.) Guided Practice p. 50

5.) Core Practice p. 26                                             5.) Guided Practice p. 51

6.) Core Practice p. 27

7.) Core Practice p. 28

8.) Core Practice p. 29


1.) Frida Kahlo Reading

2.) Frida Kahlo PowerPoint

3.) Frida Kahlo Fill In


1.) ¿Cómo Soy Yo?

A.) ¿Cómo Soy yo? Song worksheet

2.) ¿Cómo Es La Chica?

A.) ¿Cómo Es La Chica? Song worksheet

Speaking Assessment

1.) Speaking Assessment

2.) Rubric


1.) Una Persona Famosa Essay

2.) Adjective Picture Drawing

3.) Ojos, Pelos y Más

4.) Ojos, Pelos y Más Example

5.) Poesía Cinquain

6.) Poesía Cinquain Planning Sheet

7.) Poesía Cinquain Examples

8.) Poesía Cinquain Rubric


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