Realidades 1 Chapter 3B

 Capítulo 3B (Healthy lifestyle)

• Talk about foods and beverages for dinner
• Describe what people and things are like
• Discuss food, health and exercise choices
• Understand cultural perspectives on diet and health

Lesson ideas

Capítulo 3B

E-book Student home page to review all material for each chapter, includes songs, puzzles and more.. check it out at:
or    Scroll down to ch3A.  Practice vocabulary with puzzles & listen to hip hop song.  Other activities available that are good for review.
Art:  p122 Bartolome Murillo painter (1617-1682) 
Reading practice p124-131
p125& 127 Go-online
p49-51 guided workbook 
p125&127 mas practica
p125 act1&2 (listening)
Ch3A QUIA Vocabulary Quiz @ 
p132 act12
p133 act 14
p93-94 guided workbook
p133 go-online
p133 mas practica
Conjugation review drills go to:   (
Barbara Kuczun Nelson’s website under present tense tab at
(brief introduction)

Gusta vs Gustan lesson 

p135 GramActiva
p135 actvidad 17
p137 go-online
p95-96 guided workbook
p137 mas practica

  Food, Dining, and Nutrition (Novice-Mid)

Health habits stories 

Cuento Nº 3: Aprendiendo con la Dra. Buena Dieta.

Frutas y verduras para una buena alimentacion. Cuento infantil.

Campaña De Nutrición Para Niños  or
el twist de las frutas

receta de turrron:
video: Glorious food video from ice age

Food history 
p134 fondo cultural regarding breakfast & p131 actividad  9
p138-139 reading & p97 guided workbook/p139 go-online
p139 Fondo cultural about fruits & vegetables 
P140 Churros y Chocolate
p141 oral presentation

 Food, Dining, and Nutrition (Novice-Mid) — dining experience is an extended lesson, Students act out a Skit about dinning experience in Spanish.

RESTAURANT SKIT description & rubric of task included


Waiter: Bienvenido al restaurante ___. ¿Qué bebe usted?

Customer 1,2,3,4: Yo bebo _____, por favor.

Water: ¿Qué come usted?

Customer 1,2,3,4: Yo como _____ con/sin ______, por favor.

waiter: ¿Qué quieren ustedes más?

Customer 1,2,3: yo necesito_______ / Nosotros compartimos ______ / No quiero ______.

Customer 4: ¿Cuánto es, por favor?

Waiter: Es ______(#) Pesos.   (# in Spanish)

America del Sur p142-143  CLOSE reading Questions
1. How were indigenous people able to cultivate in the mountains & why would they need to?
2. Which of the countries (in the northern part of South America) does not have a coast line?
3. How was America named?
4. Hypothesize about how Incas carved and moved huge blocks to create Macchu Picchu.
5. Where is Machu Picchu?
6. How does the discovery of oil in South America effect our economy in USA?
7. What’s the scientifically significance of Galapagos Islands?
p145  go-online (chapter review)
ch3A prueba
ch3A TEST (listening & reading portion- included)
Extended lesson may include Food activity 

Resources for Spanish Teachers (commands)

Me encanta escribir en español: gustar

Pincha AQUÍ para escuchar la canción: ” A mí me gustan las hamburguesas “.…iratas-2-490403c.swf

Quizlet Vocab Chap 3B

Chapter 3 B –

Capitulo: 3B

Realidades 1: Capítulo 3B List of WordsFlashcards

Capítulo 3B

Realidades 1: Capítulo 3B
List of WordsFlashcards
test review
ser and adjectives:
PowerPoint-ser and adjectives
Spanish Irregular YO Verbs Conjugations Notes from Spanish the easy way! on - (3 pages) - Help your students keep track of all of the Spanish irregular YO verbs and their conjugations! Included are the GO verbs, the GO verbs with stem changes, other irregular YO verbs such as dar, ver, etc. and last of all a look at Ir and Ser, which are comp

Chapter 3 B –

to talk about food and beverages

Food unit:Poster (A3) - El restaurante....could use as a menu for food unit

Me llamo Paco--expresiones con tener

Para repasar un poco de vocabulario...

Me encanta escribir en español: gustar

Problemas en el restaurante (para facilitar la interacción oral)

Me encanta escribir en español: gustar

to discuss health
other useful words
other useful words

Descubre con esta infografía los beneficios de dormir bien. #infografia #dormir #salud

Buena salud

Page 11 (subject pronouns)
Page 12 (-ir and -er verbs)
Page 13 (-ir and -er verbs)
Page 14 (-ir and -er verbs)
Page 15 (gustar)
Page 16 (gustar)
Page 17 (gustar)
Page 18 (gustar)
Page 19 (hacer)
Page 20 (hacer)
Page 21 (hacer)
Page 22 (preguntas)
Page 23 (preguntas)
Page 24 (categories)

Introduction – Set 1
0330 – Food – Set 1 – Multiple Choice
0331 – Food – Set 1 – Spelling

QUIZ – Tema 3b (to talk about food and beverages)
QUIZ – Tema 3b (to discuss health)
QUIZ – Tema 3b (other useful words)

Realidades 1: Chapter 3B/3A Practices for Chapter tests/ Benchmark 4

Go to the following websites and complete assignments.  Be sure to share your progress with your teacher. You will be tested on this material at the end of chapter and in the upcoming Benchmark 4:








8. Test Prep!!!

9.  Must let teacher see screen once you are done to record scores:


comida | Gratuito ELE  worksheets

Twitter / Mesociclo: Pirámide de la actividad física ...

3B grammar

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