Realidades 1 Beginning Chapter Para Empezar

Para empezar (An Introduction to Spanish)

Vocabulary Covered:

  • Greetings, Names and Introductions, Health, Farewells
  • Numbers, Telling Time
  • Body parts, classroom objects
  • Days, Months, Dates
  • Seasons and Weather
  • Colors and Animals

Realidades 1 Para Empezar – Entire chapter resources

This chapter is divided into 3 parts.  Students should learn the vocabulary of each presentation.
Study the meaning and the spelling of the words and or phrases. 
Expect a daily quiz to demonstrate your mastery of each group of vocabulary and its use.
E-book Student home page to review all material for each chapter, includes songs, puzzles and more.. check it out at:
Objectives:  Greet people at different times of the day. Introduce yourself to others.     Standards: 1.1, 1.2

 p3. Introduction to boys and girls names in Spanish.  Be able to differentiate among they if its a boys or girls name.

e-book:  p5 go-online, p5 mas practica icon

Differentiate between tú vs usted.   (you informal vs informal)
You should now be able to hold the following dialogue in writing and oral in Spanish . 
Good morning, how are you? I am well, thank you.  And you?  
I am doing well. thank you.  What is your name? My name is _____ (both last names).
My name is _____. It is a pleasure to meet you.  
Likewise.  Good bye/see you later.  
Objectives: Respond to classroom directions.  Standards: 1.1, 1.2

Play Simon says with Total Physical response for classroom phrases.

Spelling words out loud in Spanish ie  hache-o-u-ese- e = house 
Use to practice spelling out loud alone.  

Student should be able to take advantage of the similarities of the letters and sound to the English language to help with spelling words out in Spanish.  Knowing the word verbally should give you advantage of how to spell it.  There are only a few letters that have 2 sounds, and only one that is silent.


Objective:  Begin using numbers to tell time. standards: 1.2, 1.3, 1.1
Basic number spelling practice at
practice numbers with 6 e-drills at
e book practice: p7 go-online, p7 mas practica icon.  
ebook practice:  p8 go-online, p8 mas practica icon
Students should be able to tell time using both styles for anytime after 35mins. 
 Example: 8:40am: It is eight forty in the morning & It is twenty minutes until nine o’clock in the morning.
Objective: identify body parts.  standards : 1.2, 1.1  

ebook practice:  p9 go-online, p9 mas practica, p22 vocabulary e-flash cards

paper- based practice:  p1-10 guided workbook.  study p22 vocabulary
Objectives: Talk about things in the classroom. Ask questions about new words and phrases. Use the alphabet to spell words.  standard: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3


e-book practice: p11 go-online, p11 más práctica
Objectives:  Telling day & date to talk about hings related to the calendar.  Learn about the Aztec calendar. Standard:1.2,1.2, 3.1
What is today vs tomorrow vs yesterday?  day and date.  
short date and long date (31st of December, 2012 vs  21/12/2012)
e-practice: p15 actividad 8 & 9 in textbook, p16 go-online, p16 más práctica icon
paper-based practice: p11-18 guided workbook
Objective:  Describe the weather conditions, identify the season and compare weather in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.  Standards: 1.1, 1.2, 3.1  
e-practice: or (weather quiz) ,  
p19 go-online, p19 más práctica icon.
paper-based practice:  p19-24 guided workbook.  p19 actividad 1-3
oral presentation: as described in the presentation p20 textbook,
 4 Spanish maps/weather conditions/ temperature in Celcius with…
 introduction & salutation weather report in Spanish.

 Sample presentation from previous student below (quick & informal):  

Chapter Review for Assessment:
Vocabulary quiz based on chapter PE list on page 22 .  Flashcard in the e-book p22.
practice: P23 go-online, mind quiz game
Also review by visiting the  E-book Student home page:  to review all material for each chapter, includes songs, puzzles and more..

Vocabulary List (for entire chapter):

Para Empezar Vocabulary PowerPoint (for entire chapter)
Flashcards (for entire chapter):

PowerPoint Presentations

1.) Notebook Setup

2.) Emotions / Feelings

3.) Numbers 0-1000

4.) Weather / Seasons

5.) Time Practice

6.) Colors

7.) Body Parts

8.) Geography Practice

Vocabulary Notes

1.) Emotions / Feelings

2.) Numbers 0 to 100

3.) Weather / Seasons

4.) Days and Months

5.) Colors

6.) Body Parts

Grammar Notes

1.) Asking Where People Are From

2.) Mathematics


1.) Spanish Trivia questions

2.) Review Packet

3.) Hablamos Español

4.) Rhymes for Spanish-speaking countries

5.) Map Coloring directions

6.) Blank Map to be colored and labeled

7.) Saludos y Presentaciones

8.) Time Practice

9.) Weather Identification (GRADE)

10.) Body Parts Matching

11.) Body Parts Identification

12.) Important Questions to Answer on Test

Workbook Pages


1.) Body Parts Song

2.) El Cuerpo

A.) El Cuerpo Song worksheet

3.) ¿Qué tiempo hace?

A.) ¿Qué tiempo hace? Song worksheet 

4.) ¿Puedo ir al baño?


1.) Flag Project


Games (for entire chapter): Para Empezar

Para Empezar review jeopardy:

2 Realidades A – Para Empezar – En la escuela Miss Nielson Challenge Board
Review vocabulary and phrases from the first section of Para Empezar with this 1 or 2 player “Jeopardy” style game.
Bloque A Prueba Para Empezar Realidades 1 Mrs. Cordero Quiz
In this test you will have an opportunity to demonstrate how much you have learned about this section of the book. This quiz contains 42 questions.

Online puzzles (for entire chapter):

 Videos, Flashcards and other Resources (for entire chapter)
  • username – claeysclass        password – espanol 
  • Saludar
  • Despedirse
  • saludosydespedidas1.png
  • Beginning Spanish Conversation PICTURE Notes product from Spanish the easy way! on
  • Presentarse
  • in-spanish
  • Buenos días - Buenas tardes - Buenas noches Muchas gracias - Por favor - Perdón - Hola
  • FREE packet on Beginning Conversations in Spanish from
  • Spanish Topic 02: What’s your name?

    < previous topic     next topic >

    Interactive tasks

    1. ¿Cómo te llamas?
    2. Construye una frase.
    3. Busca las palabras
    4. Empareja las palabras
    5. Completa la frase
    6. Pacman
    Answers and Translations

    Language focus

    Asking and saying names.

    • ¿Cómo te llamas?
    • Me llamo …
    • ¿Cómo se llama ella?
    • Ella se llama …
    • ¿Cómo se llama él?
    • Él se llama ….


    1. What’s your name? (pdf 193 kb)
    2. Which is correct? (pdf 83 kb)
    3. Match the sentences (pdf 79 kb)
    4. Answer the question (pdf 59 kb)
    Answers and Translations

    Other resources

    Poster: What’s your name? (A3 pdf 280kb)
    Flash cards (pdf 62kb)

    Spanish Topic 03: How are you?

    < previous topic     next topic >

    Interactive tasks

    1. ¿Cómo estás?
    2. Selecciona la palabra
    3. Canción – ¿Como estás?
    4. Reorganiza las letras
    5. Escribe la palabra
    6. Conversación
    Answers and Translations

    Language focus

    • ¿Cómo estás?
    • ¿Y tú?
    • Estoy muy bien.
    • Así, así.
    • Estoy mal.


    1. Pick the option (pdf 196 kb)
    2. Draw the faces (pdf 95 kb)
    3. Write the words (pdf 143 kb)
    4. Snap (pdf 228 kb)
    Answers and Translations

    Other resources

    Poster: How are you? (A3 pdf 270kb)
    Flash cards – text (pdf 60kb)
    Song lyrics (pdf 108kb)
    Song – ¿Cómo estás?* (mp3 1.7mb)

    * To download mp3 RIGHT click on link and select ‘Save target as’

    4 Realidades Para Empezar 1: Greetings, Introductions, Goodbyes

    Links for all chapters here:

      • Language focus

        Common greetings and farewells and the appropriate time for each to be used.

        • ¡Buenos días!
        • ¡Buenas tardes!
        • ¡Hola!
        • ¡Adios!
        • ¡Buenas noches!
        • ¡Hasta pronto!

    “Practice Pages”

    Spanish Topic 07: Numbers 11- 20

    < previous topic     next topic >


    Interactive tasks

    1. Arrastra los números
    2. Canción – Veinte tortugas
    3. Suma los números
    4. Reorganiza las letras
    5. Cuenta cada cosa
    6. ¡Vamos a esquiar!
    7. Juego matemático
    Answers and Translations

    Language focus

    Cardinal numbers 11 – 20

    • once
    • doce
    • trece
    • catorce
    • quince
    • dieciséis
    • diecisiete
    • dieciocho
    • diecinueve
    • veinte



    1. Colour the items (pdf 125 kb)
    2. Complete the sums (pdf 69 kb)
    3. Match the numbers (pdf 103 kb)
    4. Аnswer (pdf 79 kb)
    Answers and Translations

    Other resources

    Poster – Numbers 11-20 (A3 pdf 310kb)
    Flash cards – text (pdf 72kb)
    Song lyrics (pdf 65kb)
    Song * (mp3 1.4mb)

    * To download mp3 RIGHT click on link and select ‘Save target as’


    Spanish Topic 08: How old are you?

    < previous topic     next topic >


    Interactive tasks

    1. ¿Cuántos años tienes?
    2. Un juego de memoria
    3. Canción – Edad
    4. Arrastra la respuesta
    5. Escribe la respuesta
    6. Busca las palabras
    7. Tetris
    Answers and Translations

    Language focus

    Asking and saying one’s age.

    • ¿Cuántos años tienes?
    • Tengo trece años 
    • ¿Cuántos años tiene ella?
    • Ella tiene ocho años 
    • ¿Cuántos años tiene él?
    • Él tiene doce años



    1. How old are you? (pdf 214 kb)
    2. Match the sentences (pdf 90 kb)
    3. Pick the option (pdf 157 kb)
    4. Roll the dice (pdf 47 kb)
    Answers and Translations

    Other resources

    Poster – How old are you? (A3 pdf 310kb)
    Flash cards – text (pdf 72kb)
    Song lyrics (pdf 43kb)
    Song * (mp3 1.9mb)

    Me encanta escribir en español: alfabeto


    • Weather and Seasons, pp. 18-19 in text, pp. 1 in binder     

    Spanish Topic 04: Colours

    < previous topic     next topic >


    Interactive tasks

    1. Colorea los carros
    2. Canción – Los Colores
    3. Busca los colores
    4. Crucigrama
    5. ¿Qué color?
    6. Busca la palabra
    7. Escribe la palabra
    Answers and Translations

    Language focus

    • café
    • verde
    • naranja
    • negro
    • rosado
    • rojo
    • morado
    • azul
    • gris
    • blanco
    • amarillo



    1. Colour the cars (pdf 149 kb)
    2. Write the colours (pdf 292 kb)
    3. Colour the picture (pdf 84 kb)
    4. Pick a card (pdf 97 kb)
    Answers and Translations

    Other resources

     Poster – colours (A3 pdf 1.2mb)
    Flash cards – text (pdf 50kb)
    Flash cards – pictures (pdf 90kb)
    Song lyrics (pdf 40kb)
    Song * (mp3 1.7mb)

    * To download mp3 RIGHT click on link and select ‘Save target as’


    • Colors, p. 273 in text, pp. 22-24. in binder     

    Spanish Colors linguistics linguistricks espanol Learn Spanish in Spain; immersion courses for families and children;


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