**Stargate Spanish Reward System


Estrellas – 7th and 8th Grade

Stickers – Kindergarten

Estrellas are earned by going above and beyond in the classroom.  Students have to pay estrellas when not participating or talking during presentations.

Stickers are earned when students pay attention, raise hands, stay quiet, actively listen, participate appropriately, and go above and beyond.

small tattoos 1
scratch and sniff stickers 1
cucaracha (cockroach) 1
big tattoos 2
scratch and sniff bookmarks 2
paper flowers 2
silly bandz 3
pencils 3
maraca 3
buttons (I like to speak Spanish) 4
cactus notepads 4
pirinola top game 4
balero toy 5
drum toy 5
dolls 5
finger puppets 5
maraca key chains 6
onyx key chains 6
rubber ducks 6
toy piñatas 6
bird whistle 7
maraca pins 7
sarape bookmarks 7
sombrero/sarape pins 8
kickballs 8
chile pepper necklaces 8
woven bracelets 9
worry dolls 10

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