What Language Should I Study?

What Language Should I Study?

For many people, choosing which foreign language to study is an exciting process. There are a number of factors you can use to decide which language is right for you. For example:

Is there someplace you have always wanted to travel? If you’ve dreamed of going to Paris since you were a child, learning French could prove quite useful. Although it’s true that many people around the world do speak at least some English, making an effort to learn the language of the country you plan to visit will earn you a great deal of respect from the local residents.
What is your cultural heritage? For example, learning Italian may be a fun way to connect with your roots in Italy. If you’re interested in genealogy, learning the language spoken by your ancestors may also make the process of creating your family tree much easier.
Do you know someone who speaks a foreign language? Having another person to practice your skills with will make the process of learning another language much more enjoyable.
What are your professional aspirations? If you’re interested in becoming a history teacher, for example, learning Latin may prove useful in your studies. However, if you’re a social worker in a community with a large immigrant population, knowing Spanish could prove a highly valuable professional skill.

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